123: Trump keeping his Private Security Force?

In an unprecedented move, Trump is opting to keep his private security force around. This group, consisting of retired cops and military officers is not bound by the same rules as the Secret Service. Some would say it is like sending contractors like blackwater to assist the military in Iraq.  Other world leaders use security forces like this to suppress the opposition.

Here’s a story about Trump Backer and Security of Education’s brother Erik Prince running a private security Force.

Here’s a book written about said security force Jeremy Scahill wrote it.

Here’s a profile of the Private Security Force known as Dyncorp which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management. The CEO os CCM happened to be Stephen Feinberg, one of Trumps economic advisors.

Here’s a book written by Steve Coll about Exxons use of mercenary forces under current Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson.

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