Russia rules the world

What the hell is going on in international relations?

Well, Russia is successfully destabilizing the world.  Putin is using his resources to destabilize all the major world powers.

Russia wins when Europe suffers. They win when the US suffers. They win when China suffers.  So, they’ve been engaging in cyberwarfare and an incredibly effective propaganda campaign to get what it wants.  It has seen moderate success converting old Soviet States into Russian Satellites.  It’s annexation of Crimea and border creep that is happening in Georgia is a sign that they yearn for olden times when the Soviet Union lorded over a lot more land.

But, first it needs the European Union to weaken and N.A.T.O needs to collapse.  Both of those will weaken a weak United Nations.   Russia started to do this by influencing the far right parties in Western Europe, as covered here.  They’re funneling money to the Far right/Neo Nazi parties in Eastern Europe.

Next, they connected with people in the United States possibly including Donald Trump, and engaged in a propaganda campaign to promote him and trash the democratic candidates.  Trump’s advisors have incredibly obvious ties to Russia, and now that Breitbart is opening offices in France and Germany to sway the elections there.  I Just hope Trump himself wasn’t involved in this election tampering.

It appears that The Trump Regime and the Kremlin seem to have the same priorities. We are screwed.

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