150: Newt Gingrich suggests Trump suspend Civil Liberties

Newt Gingrich gave an interview on Christmas 2016 that raised MY eyebrows.  I saw the headline for a few days before I actually read the article. “Newt Gingrich Admits Donald Trump Does Not Yet Have A Plan To Beat ISIS,“ did not originally matter as a headline, because despite all his bluster and rhetoric about how he would be the guy to defeat Isis it was pretty obvious that Trump’s big secret was that he had no plan.

What stuck out to me and should stick out to everyone else is his suggestion that “People should go back and look at how Lincoln dealt with Southern sympathizers during the Civil War,” Gingrich said. “We passed a Sedition Act for example, which changed our ability to control people who were advocating treason.” 

It is not clear what legislation Gingrich is referring to, but Lincoln did crack down on basic freedoms, including First Amendment rights. Most notably, however, Lincoln unilaterally suspended habeas corpus, or the centuries-old right to a speedy trial.

Holy Shit. One of King Trump’s advisors just suggest we go full authoritarian and suspend our civil liberties. There is NO excuse for this, but it shouldn’t be surprising given Newt being shamed and then forced to apologize for quoting the president incorrectly.

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