157: Office of Congressional Ethics issues?

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. Gut the independent office in charge of investigating ethical issues via CNN

After spending 8 years obstructing any sort of forward movement whatsoever, the first thing they do is to change the O.C.E from an independent review board to a board falling under the ethics committee – the same committee they might have to investigate. I guess nothing matters anymore.

151 was when the GOP tried to limit broadcasting on the House Floor. The Trump people have been making lists of enemies. This isn’t going to stop. They’re going to wreck everything.

Comrade Trump responded, predictably. While still claiming he wants to “Drain the Swamp,” he supports doing this but doesn’t like that it was their first priority. Trump the Authoritarian only cares about optics.


Update: The media reported on those tweets as “Trump Criticizes House GOP for doing this.”  This is why people have no faith in the media, because they’re LAZY as hell.  After that happened, the House GOP had a closed door session and decided to reverse their decision.

Of course, the Media reported on this as being due to Trump, but the article itself says they were inundated with phone calls from angry people. This is how a dictator stays popular.

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