Republicans pushing National Right to Work legislation?

On Wednesday, Republican Reps. Steve King (IA) and Joe Wilson (SC) re-introduced a so-called right-to-work bill that would significantly hamper unions across the country and likely lower wages for all Americans. Republicans have proposed this kind of legislation before; King introduced a similar bill almost exactly a year ago. But now they may feel emboldened by having an ally in the White House. On the campaign trail, President Trump said he is “100 percent” in…

"Republicans pushing National Right to Work legislation?"

Bannon forms his own Group within the White House

Bannon, Kushner, and Flynn have been working closely together for two years,” added another source who was part of the Trump transition, again speaking anonymously to discuss sensitive policy discussions.

"Bannon forms his own Group within the White House"

Resist Everything

Dick Cheney was frequently compared to Darth Vader.  If we’re truly looking at the world from a Star Wars lens, he was more like Darth Maul who eventually gave way to Darth Vader. In this case, Darth Vader is Steve Bannon and he has the Death Star primed and ready for attack.   I hate to make these pop-culture comparisons but it is very apt. Donald Trump is an outright fascist and he has the Republican…

"Resist Everything"

Trumps private security is reckless, like the Republican Guard?

Donald Trump’s private security lacked basic procedures and policies — including for the use of force — giving guards free rein during the campaign and transition to physically confront protesters and journalists they found objectionable, according to hours of deposition transcripts in a civil lawsuit that were reviewed by POLITICO.

"Trumps private security is reckless, like the Republican Guard?"