Is the Ron Paul institute a front for Russian Interests?

Is the Ron Paul institute a front for Russian Interests?

At first, I did not think so despite much of the evidence I was seeing connecting people at RPI to different Russian interests.  First, it appears that many of the people involved in the institute are also listed as writers for where Ed Lozansky and various other people familiar to the ongoing Trump-Russia crises reside. RPI director Daniel Mcadams is listed as writing for Russia Today as well the CNP connected Mises Institute. The 2013 Lozansky Russia-Forum consisted of people who wrote for one of these two websites.

Jon Basil Utley, a CNP member is a fellow at the Mises institute who also works on installing and funding right wing think tanks in Russia as part of the Koch brothers connected Atlas Network.

The Ron Paul Institute also consists of Dr. John Laughland, the director of studies at the pro-Russian French think tank, the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation. The creation of this think tank was announced first by Putin.

Per the Washington Free Beacon,

John Laughland, a member of RPI’s academic board, serves as director of studies at the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris, a pro-Kremlin NGO that was founded in consultation with Russian government officials.


The IDC was founded as an effort to “repair Russia’s damaged image in the US and Europe and at the same time extend the reach and influence of the [Government of Russia],” according to a U.S. State Department cable published by Wikileaks.
Laughland, McAdams, and RPI academic board member Mark Almond also worked for the now-defunct British Helsinki Human Rights Group, a pro-Kremlin NGO that defended dictators against human rights abuse charges.
Rand Paul is also caught up in this, as he hired Richard Burt and Dmitri Simes as Foreign policy advisors in 2014.  Cliff Kincaid, a skeptical Council for National Policy member who wrote books about Russia’s encroachment of the US covered the libertarian-Russian alliance in a 70 page PDF.

I mentioned Daniel McAdams at the beginning of this post and that is what makes this story interesting. In 2011,  he registered a website called the Daily Putin.  McAdams has been very outspoken in his criticism of US foreign policy which has not always been great, but he’s always doing so from the lens of being Russia centric.

Is everyone connected to this? How far does it go?

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