Bad thing #77 since Election day

Donald Trumps new Secretary of labor pick…
Puzner is a sworn foe of raising the minimum wage – even though, as the CEO of CKE restaurants, the parent company of fast-food burger chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, Puzner last year made more in one day ($17,192) than his typical full-time minimum wage worker made all year ($15,130).

Puzder also opposes the Labor Department’s new rule expanding overtime pay. He says it diminishes the prestige of entry-level management jobs.

In his frequent op-ed and cable news commentaries, Puzder has championed all aspects of right-wing trickle-down economics – even though, as most economists will tell you, it’s a cruel hoax.

It’s cruel because in an era of almost unprecedented inequality, giving tax breaks to the rich means less revenue for services on which lower-income Americans depend. It’s a hoax because it doesn’t work. Nothing trickles down.

Puzner is also viciously anti-union. He’s a member of the Job Creators Network, a group of CEOs that promotes a conservative business agenda and is tied to anti-union astroturf operative Richard Berman.

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