Barrett Brown: The Imprisoned writer connected to The CNP and Russia

Barrett Brown is a name most of you have never heard of, but probably should have.

He is writer who broke the story of Defense strategy company Stratfor was spying on United States Citizens on behalf of different corporations.  He served a few years in jail and was released recently.  He was arrested again because, per The Intercept:

Jay Leiderman, Brown’s lawyer, told The Intercept Brown was arrested Thursday during a check-in. According to his mother, Brown had not missed a check-in or failed a drug test since he was released to a halfway house in November. Neither his mother nor lawyer has been informed where he is being held.

According to his mother, who spoke with Brown by phone after his arrest, Brown believes the reason for his re-arrest was a failure to obtain “permission” to give interviews to media organizations. Several weeks ago, Brown was told by his check-in officer that he needed to fill out permission forms before giving interviews.

Brown is on the advisory board for the International Modern Ideas Institute, which seems to consist of hackers and lawyers that represent them. Brown also write for “D” magazine, which was founded by Wick Allison with funding from Ray Lee Hunt.  Hunt is a Texas oilman, whose brother, Nelson Bunker Hunt was one of the founders of the Council for National Policy (CNP. )

Wick Allison moved on from “D” magazine to become the publisher of the National Review after John Birch Society member William F. Buckley asked him replace CNP member William Rusher. He is also president of the American Ideas institute, which publishes the American Conservative and recently created the Center for Public Transportation (CPT).  The guy who created The American Conservative is a Russian immigrant and CNP member named Jon Basil Utley. 4 of the people who write for TAC came from the Pro-Russian think Tank Center for the National Interest, and 3 of the board members belong to the CNP.

The Center for Public Transportation was created by Allison after reading a book by Bill Lind and Paul Weyrich about the importance of Public Transportation. Bill Lind, also board member of the Free Congress Foundation and frequent guest at the forums of Ed Lozansky, also serves as the President of the CPT.

Is it a big deal that a writer who tried to make the American government look bad has so many connections to the think tanks responsible for the radical conservative movement and Russia?


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