Betsy Devos scares the shit out of me.

Secretary of Education

Betsy Devos was not Donald Trump’s first pick. His first pick was Jerry Falwell Jr, president of Liberty University and religious fundamentalist. I’m sure the result was always going to be to disband the department of Education, but these are the choices we had.


Betsy Devos has an interesting history.  Her father Edgar was one of the financiers of the Family Research Council.  He also was Vice President of the Far right group, the Council for National Policy at one time.  Her brother is Erik Prince, profiled by newsweek here.  He started Blackwater, the private mercenary group that got in trouble in Iraq. Jeremy Scahill wrote an informative novel about them. The Prince family has been at the forefront of American Conservative politics for 30 years, and so has the DeVos family that Betsy married into.  Her mother was the top individual contributor to the Michigan gay marriage ban in 2004. They spent a million dollars on Prop 8 in California.

She is married to Dick Devos, who is part of the Amway dynasty. The Devos Family is also a huge Republican donor, and as part of this family they have donated a lot of money to Focus On the Family, an anti homosexuality group that pushes the concept of gay conversion therapy to fix the problem.  The DeVos family has spent more than 200 million to advance their right wing causes since 1997.  Devos helped fund Rick Snyder, helped fund his right to work push, and helped push the idea of the Emergency managers in Michigan that ended up resulting in the Flint Water Crisis, which she profited from.

She seems committed to doing whatever she can do to advance Gods Kingdom, including spending hundreds of million dollars pushing charter schools and funding religious institutions.  I am fully aware of how much she has given to good causes, but it seems to me that she has just been appointed to be the Secretary of Education so that one of our rich oligarchs could dismantle an entire cabinet level position. She also has given speeches that make a lot of sense until you get into her religious upbringing and history.

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