Donald Trump is the boss now

Donald Trump won the election, 6 weeks ago.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A man who has been on the outskirts of politics for many years; praising dictators, taking full page ads out on the central park five, talking about running for president while praising dictatorships around the world, and making birther birtherism popular decided to run for president.  He not only decided he was going to run for president, he came down to entrance music on an escalator like a wrestler comes to the ring before a match.  He then spent 18 months insulting his way to the presidency, as you already know.
Since then, I decided to keep an ongoing list of everything he has done.

Clinton overwhelmingly won the popular vote, but she was a terrible flawed candidate and she ignored obvious warning signs in the Rust Belt. She took too long to address many scandals, and of course the FBI and Russia didn’t help. The Electoral College didn’t revolt, of course, and now we’re stuck with a giant orange man-child as POTUS.

We quickly learned that he was trying to get his children top secret clearance. He denied it as he always does, but given the stories about Inauguration Hunting Trips with Eric and Don Jr, Ivanka having a white house office, and Jared Kushner working on deals with news companies to ensure the orange Cheeto has his own news stations.  Melania chose to stay in New York so Barron could finish school, at the cost of 1 million dollars a day to the state of New York. Now, Newt is making the case that federal nepotism laws don’t matter because he could just pardon them.  He may have singlehandedly destroyed the Bush and Clinton political dynasties, but he certainly is trying to start his own.  Not that this is surprising, given his ethical problems like operating a charity without proper permits, paying off politicians in order to avoid investigation for running scams, lying about giving to charity, and even using his charity money to pay off legal issues.
Not only that, but our president has made it a game to bully the media on twitter, leave them behind when he travels, and he even has even hinted at closing the White House Press Office and not holding a daily briefing. Meanwhile, he can’t be bothered to pay attention or attend intelligence briefings, he is antagonizing China and buddying up with Russia, Taiwan, and the Phillipines and he seems to enjoy tanking companies stocks at a whim. He even has his own secret police!

His cabinet picks have left a lot to be desired too.  He has chosen to let CEOS of major companies represent Treasury, State, Commerce, Labor, the SBA, the economic council and Secretary of the Army. He has appointed marine generals to Defense and State, and Conservative culture warriors to Education, HHS, Interior, Transportation, and Energy. And then he appointed woefully unqualified Ben Carson to lead HHS. His White House Staff is filled with people linked to the alt-right and/or fox news analysts.  The future doesn’t look good folks.


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