FoxNews continues cleaning house.

Last week I was listening to conservative blow hard Jeffrey Kuhner, and he was ranting about the accusations against accused serial harasser Bill O’Reilly and the less wild accusations against Hannity.

During the rant, he started talking about the guy in charge of programming at Fox, Bill Shine, and how if Shine were to go, it meant that Fox News was finished as the fair and balanced alternative to the fascist liberal 4th estate.

He was also mad because the Murdoch sons wanted to name a woman to the post and conservatives think only men should hold positions of power or vote.

Well, according to variety today,

Bill Shine, the longtime Fox News executive who played a role in the rise of some of the cable-news network’s most durable personalities, will leave his post as co-president of the 21st Century Fox-owned network as it contends with a slew of lawsuits alleging gender and racial discrimination.

In a memo to staffers issued Monday, 21st Century Fox executive chairman said that Shine had resigned. He is expected to stay on for a few more weeks as part of a transition. Suzanne Scott, another longtime Fox News executive, will take Shine’s place in steering programming at Fox News as president of programming. Jay Wallace, an up-and-coming news executive, will become president of news. Jack Abernethy remains as a co-president of Fox News and CEO of the Fox Television Stations group.

If you listen to conservative media right now, the sky is falling and conservativism is dead, because a woman is in charge at Fox.  The right lives in a constant state of victimhood, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Suzanne Scott is not going to turn Fox News into a liberal haven. She has been at Fox since the beginning and only a conservative could handle spending decades with that group.


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