How did Ed Lozansky connect the Russian Orthodox Church to Trump?

I’m going to start this post by saying that nothing here is meant to be an insult to religion. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. This is about connecting the dots.

That being said, Edward Lozansky is responsible for yet another Path to Putin.

According to the website, the SaviourFund was created in November 2008 in order to promote the Russian Orthodox Church and the Metropolitan Hilarion .

Saviourfund representatives Kate attended the 2009 World Russia Forum where she was able to mingle with many dignitaries, such as Reaganite and Pro-Russian Bud Macfarlane. If you recall, he was at the Mayflower during that infamous Trump speech.  There are more pictures available on her flickr account

She also attended the 2010 World Russia Forum, which she took a lot of pictures of as well. There’s a picture of Lozansky with Tillerson’s Exxon #2, Ed Verona. There’s pictures of other Savior Fund representatives talking to the director of the Russian Institute of Security Services.
This next picture is pretty spectacular. Here, Foronda is seen with the first president of Seychelles James Mancham.  He isn’t even listed as a guest at this event, nor did he mention the event on his own website.

You might remember Seychelles as where Erik Prince held a secret back channel meeting with representatives of Putin on January 11th.  James Mancham died suddenly three days before this meeting.

They also posted YouTube Videos of some of the speeches!  Here is Dennis Kucinich talking about how him and current HHS Secretary Tom Price founded the Congressional Russia Caucus so they could be friends with Russia.   There’s a video of Kislyak speaking (all in Russian), and several others on the Youtube Page if you’re interested. Foronda also happened to appear in 2011, and took pictures then too.

So, here we have Foronda going to these meetings for 3 years in a row and building ties, on behalf of the SaviourFund with allies of both Trump and Putin.  If the name Metropolitan Hilarion  or the SaviourFund that Foronda runs aren’t familiar to you, they should be.

Here’s Franklin Graham meeting with them.

And Kislyak

And Pence


Here, we have further proof that Lozansky is the tie that binds.  I encourage you to read the 10 part series that Grant Stern and I wrote about Dr. Edward Lozansky that covers all of his other connections.

This is the unofficial part 11 to The Stern Facts 11 part series about Lozansky, The Grand Old Putin Party.

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