Incoming Dictatorship?

Perhaps I’m just crazy, but it seems to me that this presidential cabinet is perfect if you want to turn the presidency into a dictatorship.

First: surround yourself with like minded nut jobs in the White House (Flynn, Bannon, Mccgahan, Conway).  You would also appoint an authoritarian like Sessions as Attorney General. Pompeo and Comey are perfect compliments to each other in the letter agencies. 

Second, appoint your ultra rich friends to positions of power (Commerce, Labor, State, education, Treasury, SBA, NEC)

Third, appoint people to positions they will try to disband (interior. EPA, HUD, energy, HHS, Education again, and DNI)

Fourth, appoint military leaders to head the civilian agencies you’d expect to be in charge of suppressing the eventual riots. I don’t even have an issue with Kelly or Mattis alone, but I do not trust anything coming out of the office of the PEOTUS at this point.

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