Jeff Sessions hidden Russian connection has been found.

Jeff Sessions has testified about the Russia Investigation and his meetings with Ambassador Kislyak, which some claim is a normal move for people on the intelligence committee, except for a story from Vox which claimed that nobody else on the committee had done the same.


Sessions met with Ambassador Kislyak, widely known as being the top spymaster in the United States, at least twice. We also know that he made several trips to Russia in the 80s as part of a Church Group.  Was that Church Group infiltrated by Russian intelligence, as this has been a normal function of the KGB/FSB for decades?  It’s not a secret that Putin’s fake religiosity appeals to the religious right.

What nobody seems to be reporting is that Jeff Sessions is tied to one Dr. Ed Lozansky.

As Grant Stern and I have already covered in our ten part deep dive into the Lozanskyverse, Ed Lozansky is the man dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s to make Trump Russia happen.

Lozansky claims that he has held World Russia Forums since 1981, but he is stretching the truth. He supposedly held meetings as part of the Sakharov Institute from 1981 to 1986, but I have only been able to find proof of one such meeting, held at the Hoover Institute in 1984. It was at this meeting where Lozansky is credited with founding the Center for Democracy. Other people involved in the creation of the Center told me that he had nothing to do with it besides providing a location to have a meeting about it. Paul Manafort was also on the board of the Center. He just used it as padding for his resume, which seems to become a pattern throughout his life.

The World Russia Forum was not officially created until the year 2000 which is when it all gets very interesting.

Ed Lozansky and Russia House partnered with the Russian State owned news organization to create the “World Russia Forum” in 2000.   What else happened during this time frame?  Well, we know that Rupert Murdoch held a “Global Forum 2000” on 4/25, with Putin and Trump friend Hendy Kissinger. We also know that Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Clinton, and Pataki were on hand for the Second World Congress. Donald Trump was in New York on 4/29/2000, but was Putin?

The Forum Itself was to take place on 5/2, and was cosponsored by Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation and the United States-Russia Business Council.  The US-RBC was started by two Lozansky associates during the years of the Kissinger-Sobchak commission, and for every year available, the Tax Forms show either Rex Tillerson or Ed Verona on the board of directors. I can’t prove that Tillerson was on the board for this, but the USRBC archives do state that Exxon was a partner in 2000.

The guest list for the 2000 forum is particularly interesting.

Jeff Sessions was a guest at the World Russia Forum in 2000, organized by an official Russian Government Media Outlet.  Note that out of everyone listed, there were only two democrats and Ralph Hall switched parties shortly afterwards. This excerpt from a write up about the Lozansky forum explains the split among parties.

Burns, Delay, and Weldon were all eventually kicked out of office for Russian scandals as well.  But, let us be honest.  Our current attorney general was a guest at an event sponsored by the Russian Government and possibly organized by a group associated with Rex Tillerson.

Not only that, but the event had two keynote speakers. Curt Weldon, and Putin friend Dmitri Rogozin.  You may know Dmitri Rogozin’s name because he accompanied the NRA on the Trip to Russia in December 2015.  This is where they met with Alexander Torshin and Maria Butina (who is friends with Lozansky on facebook)

One month later, Lozansky’s Kontinent Magazine makes a post about Donald Trump. I’ve gone through 10 years of archives and what I found is the 95% of the posts have to do with Russia in some way, and that is the only article that mentions Trump from 99-09.


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