Meet the Ex-Congressman who wrote the appendix of a book about Russians Lobbying the US

Curt Weldon has been a very busy man throughout his life. In the late 70’s, he fought the Pagans motorcycle gang as mayor of Marcus Hook, and then he chaired the Delaware County council before running for and winning his House spot in 1986. He was a member of the National Security Caucus

While in the House of Representatives, he made building a better relationship with Russia a priority.  This is something everyone wanted to happen. All the think tanks and all the major politicos of that time ran there after the Soviet Union fell.

He started a coalition to save the “Osprey” in the 1990’s, which is when he first crossed paths with Donald Trump.

Around the same time, Bruce Marks, a lawyer, was running for a Pennsylvania state senate seat.  Marks was running for a local seat in the district that Curt Weldon represented, and somehow managed to finagle an appearance by Donald Trump at a fundraiser.


Bruce Marks would go on to become a high powered lawyer at Marks and Sokolov, where apparently made his mark suing Russian oligarchs for other Russian Oligarchs.  He also signed on during the Presidential Campaign to represent Trump from various accusations. He would cross paths with Curt Weldon again at accused Russian spy Edward Lozanskys World Russia Forum in 2003, 2004, and 2009. He also signed the letter that Lozansky wrote to Bush and Putin trying to lobby for a better relationship between the two nations in early 2005. Nothing in the letter was abnormal, but there is clearly a pattern of Bruce Marks being in the same place as Curt Weldon and Edward Lozansky.
Weldon also created the Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council in April 1995, arguably an arm of the US-Russia Business Council which Rex Tillerson served on the board of. In 1996, Weldon formed the Congress-Duma study group to study our relationship with Russia. As part of a joint venture between the two, Weldon was the keynote speaker at the 1999 at a 99 PA-RBC Forum. The PA-RBC is where I believe that Weldon was compromised, but I can not pinpoint the exact time.

In February 1999, Curt Weldon inserted comments in the congressional register about Alexander Koulakovsky creating a Christian School in Russia. No one knew who Koulakovsky was at the time, except for Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay

He spoke at an event on C-Span in May, 1999, about the war in Yugoslavia along with Ed Lozansky, Arkady Murashev and Paul Weyrich.  The rights anger with Clinton over Yugoslavia was very well documented that year.  Weldon’s daughters also lobbied for the Milosevic connected Kerik brothers.  Tom Delay also came close to accusing the Clinton administration of treason for their behavior in Yugoslavia, but the Lozansky organized group of people working to subvert all of the former Soviet States in order to strengthen Putin’s Russia is one of the most uncovered stories of the century.


On 4/3/2000, Russian State owned media Itar-Tass coordinated with Russia House and the New York Daily Newspaper “NRS” to create the World Russia Forum, an event that Lozansky would claim at his own until this day.  He would partner with Free Congress Foundation, The Discovery Institute, The USRBC, The PA-RBC, The Eurasia Center, and Russian Center NY over the years for management of the event, but these were his babies.

The first event consisted of a “Who’s Who” of the Republican party, including our current Attorney General Jeff Sessions


The Key note speakers? Curt Weldon and Dmitri Rogozin


Weldon cohosted an event with Mikhail Fridman, a Russian Oligarch in control of Alfa Bank on 12/6/2000.  In 2001, the Council attended the USRBC annual meeting, cosponsored an event with Dmitri Simes and many others, and cohosted the Ed Lozansky 2001 World Russia Forum, which Weldon and Putin ally Dmitri Rogozin would keynote.  The Council also cohosted the 2002 World Russia Forum.  These forums were also cohosted by Paul Weyrich and the Free Congress Foundation, and attracted such people as Putins’ favorite congressman Dana Rohrabache, and Tom Delay, who would go down in the Abramoff scandal.  The 2002 “Doing Business with Russia Forum” was keynoted by Dmitri Simes and Boris Nemtsov.

As Co-Chair of the Congress-Duma Study Group, Weldon was involved in the creation of the 300 page congressional report about how the Clinton administration destroyed Russia. The Report was commissioned by the Speaker of the House at the Time, Dennis Hastert (pictured below meeting with Edward Lozansky)

What really blows my mind though is that Weldon then went on to create a 44 page report on how the United States and Russia should cooperate, which he was able to personally hand deliver to Putin himself, with Lozansky in the room of course. Nothing on the report was particularly offensive, but the fact that people are trying to get us to ally with a brutal dictator who kills reporters is insane.

But, this is where Weldon really betrayed his country. In 2004, Ed Lozansky published a book in Russian,  specifically created to tell people how to lobby the United States for Russian interests.

published by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Kicker to the whole situation?

When I looked at the Appendix through the Iphone Translator App, I saw and had to do a double take. Surely the below appendix and Weldon’s report just happened to share the same name, right?

So, I was shocked when I turned the page  A Former United States Congressman, soon to be investigated by the FBI for his ties to Russia wrote the appendix to a book counter to the interests of the United States.

I would hope that Weldon maybe didn’t know that Lozansky did this, and then I looked at the tab of the report.


He knowingly wrote this report, with the knowledge that it would be added to a book about subverting US interests for Russia’s.  Weldon would go on to lose his House seat to Joe Sestak over Russian ties, and become an unofficial spokesperson for Donald Trump. We are through the looking glass. We need to unite, as a country and stop this.

If you would like to know more, please read the 10 part series I co-wrote with Grant Stern about Lozansky subverting the political process.

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