Meet yet another failed appointment of Trump

Trump has had a lot of misses picking people to serve him. While eventually settling on Mcmaster, it isn’t a secret that McMaster was his fourth of fifth choice.

Per the Wall Street Journal

The nominee, Mark Green, withdrew Friday, citing “false and misleading attacks” against him. He is the second of Mr. Trump’s nominees for Army secretary to drop out prior to appearing before the Senate for confirmation. Mr. Trump’s first nominee for Navy secretary also withdrew before confirmation hearings.

“If you poll the psychiatrists, they’re going to tell you that transgender is a disease,” he told a group in 2016 while speaking about LGBT issues in the military. “We’ve tolerated immorality,” he said.

First, Michael Flynn was fired after left than a month on the job as National Security Advisor. And then his next two choices said no, so he eventually settled on H.R. McMaster.  Monica Crowley was kicked off the National Security Council quickly.  KT Mcfarland lasted less than 3 months before being reassigned, as did Kate Walsh.  Steve Bannon was demoted.  Trump’s first labor secretary dropped out.

On the Joint Chiefs front, he’s had several losses as well.

Mr. Trump’s first nominee for Army secretary, Vincent Viola, eventually withdrew his name after he said his business interests were too complicated to be able to comply with Department of Defense ethics standards.

Mr. Viola, the billionaire owner of Virtu Financial Inc. and the Florida Panthers hockey team, became the first of Mr. Trump’s high-profile appointees to drop out of the confirmation process.

The president’s first choice for Navy secretary, Philip Bilden, also pulled out of consideration for the post citing similar financial concerns.

Perhaps, Donald Trump shouldn’t be in office if he can’t appoint good people to important positions.

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