Megyn Kelly to interview Putin.

Fresh off a deplorable term at Fox News, Megyn Kelly is seeking to show herself up by interviewing Russian fascist dictator Putin.

Per The Hill,

The New York Post says the former Fox News star will moderate a session interviewing Putin during the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum starting June 1.

 “This is a great way for Megyn to get an inside track and land the big one-on-one interview with President Putin,” a source told The Post’s “Page Six.”

 Kelly, 46, left Fox News in January after being the highest-rated female host in cable news in prime time for three years. She turned down a $100 million offer to stay with the network.

While at Fox, Kelly was a consistent voice for conservative beliefs despite a tumultuous relationship with Donald Trump.  ABC news had a good write up about the feud between the two, starting when Kelly dared to question Trump on his misogynstic ways.

He even went on to say “Trump continued to criticize the Fox News host in the days after the debate, telling CNN, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”” Now, in any normal circumstance, this would result in a normal politician being forced out of politics.

Donald Trump showed time and time again that his merry band of trolls didn’t care about what he had to say, and he basically took them for a ride to the presidency.

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