53 sources showing the RussoTrump connection.

  We have all seen a lot of articles and op-eds speculating on the relationship our President Elect has with Putin.  Newsweek and MotherJones have done some fantastic reporting on this, but a lot of people disregard those as left wing and therefore, unreliable.  Unfortunate, given what is at stake.  I’m not here to argue that we should hand the election to Clinton. She wasn’t a good candidate and I screamed about that for the…

"53 sources showing the RussoTrump connection."

Reversing Obama's progress on Criminal Justice Reform is Bad Thing #84.

Most people who pay attention have watched over the past 8 years as the country has made progress on Criminal Justice Reform, as Marijuana has become decriminalized and even legalized in so many areas. We have also seen a lot of police officers shooting black people and a lot of outrage about it. This man claims that Obama has spent 8 years prosecuting the police, despite almost zero convictions. Uncuffing the police sounds like a…

"Reversing Obama's progress on Criminal Justice Reform is Bad Thing #84."

Part time president? Shadow President Pence? #80 Bad thing

Trump is not receiving intelligence briefings, but Pence is? I remember months ago when a story came out that said they wanted Kasich and told him that that the Vice President would be in charge of everything while Trump made America great again. For the good of the country, John Kasich, why couldn’t you have agreed?

"Part time president? Shadow President Pence? #80 Bad thing"