Plea to all Americans

I come to you today to plead with you, America.

If you, as I do, believe that Donald Trump is an authoritarian hell bent on consolidating his power wherever he can, we need to be many steps ahead of him.

When I hear him talking about Investigating Voter Fraud, that probably doesn’t exist, It makes me fearful for the future. History is full of dictators who claim voter fraud to pass restrictive laws that prevent their opponents from winning the next election.

I believe Trump will make up fake voter fraud in order to pass nationwide Voter ID,  I believe that all of us who oppose Trump should be aware of this and realize that outside of Impeachment for something else, there is only one way to stop it from happening.

To everyone reading this, share this on twitter and tag your representatives and journalists. Call them and express your desire to do this. Share it on facebook with your friends. Reach out to your Congress people here.  Follow the indivisible guide and show up at their offices. We must win.  It is our duty as Americans to propose a bill that gives every single eligible person in the United States a government sponsored voter ID. This way, nobody is left behind and the chance of the Trump Regime being responsible for massive voting rights violations in 2020 is lowered dramatically.

The future of the Republic is at stake.

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