The Climate Change War continues…

Scott Pruitt is no stranger to being on the wrong side of history.  Now he is blaming Obama for Conservative failures.

According to the Washington Times,

In a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, Mr. Pruitt said the past administration talked a good game on the environment, but has little in the way of concrete accomplishments. He pointed to the environmental disaster in Flint, Michigan, and the Gold King Mine spill, both of which led to widespread water contamination.
“It’s just poor leadership. It’s poor focus,” said Mr. Pruitt, the former attorney general of Oklahoma. “When you look at the past administration’s environmental record, I mean, the past administration is viewed as the environmental savior. But when you look at air attainment in this country, we’re at 40 percent non-attainment right now on ozone. About 140 million people live in non-attainment areas for air quality, under air quality programs.

This is the guy who Is removing scientists from advisory panels and planning on replacing them with people from the industries they represent.

In 1978, Congress directed the EPA to establish a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which today is a 47-member panel, to provide scientific advice to the administrator. The Board of Scientific Counselors, part of the EPA’s Office of Research and Development, was established as a discretionary federal advisory committee in 1996. Members of these advisory panels often work anywhere from 30 hours to hundreds of hours a year.

Scott Pruitt has spent his life denying climate change and has sued the E.P.A 8 times for the rights of the polluting oil and gas industry. He was recommended to Trump by radical anti-Environment Myron Ebell. Pruitt has no place leading an agency that is trying to help people when he cares more about himself than he does about humanity.  


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