The man in charge of TrumpCare has Russian ties too!


How many Trump administration members are connected to Ed Lozansky, the infamous Russia Lobbyist?

Well, I wrote about Jeff Sessions and his ties to Lozansky at the 2000 World Russia Forum. Now, I have found Tom Price at the 2011 World Russia Forum.

You may remember Price as being guilty of insider trading. It should not surprise you that he is staunchly conservative, or that TrumpCare was most likely partly his idea.

Now, you will know him as yet another example of a man who sold his soul to meet with Russian leaders at one of Dr. Ed’s 30 odd “World Russia Forums.”

In September 2009, Tom Price and Dennis Kucinich formed the Congressional Russia Caucus. It was doomed to failure, but they got a lot of price for doing it in parallel with the Russian President visit. The heritage foundation was quick to endorse this idea, and even gave policy ideas on how the US and Russia should work together.

Here’s a video of Dennis Kucinich – at the World Russia Forum – talking about how they’re trying to establish a good friendship with Russia.  My research on the Russia situation prompted me to write about Kucinich’s obsession with Russia and Syria a few months ago.


How can we trust this man to fix our healthcare if he might be compromised?

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