The untold story of Jack Abramoff’s Russia Collusion

By now, I am sure all of us remember the story of Jack Abramoff.  He’s just a rich lobbyist who got caught doing bad things and he brought down two congressmen and a bunch of other lobbyists, right? That is all true, but what I am about to tell you is going to blow your mind.

Jack Abramoff started off with his foot in the door of the conservative movement due to his fathers friendship with Alfred Bloomingdale. As the president of the college republicans, he was rubbing elbows with the people in the R.N.C who at the time were being lead around by people like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

It was at the College Republicans that Jack made lifelong alliances with Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed, Paul Erickson, and Amy Ridenour. The first two names should ring a bell, but if they don’t, they will by the time I am done.

The year was 1983, as part of the college republicans that Abramoff wrote a resolution to condemn the Soviet Union for using propaganda against such an ally as Apartheid South Africa.  Abramoff left the College Republicans that year and founded the International Freedom Foundation.  It turned out later that the South African Government was spending a million dollars a year keeping that afloat so Abramoff could help them. Jesse Helms and Dan Burton initially helped the IFF, which introduced Jack to the newly formed secretive far right group the Council for National Policy.  The IFF was also located next door to Paul Weyrichs Free Congress Foundation.
In 1985, Comrade Jack founded Citizens for America and immediately decided to host a meeting of anti Communist dictators. He reached out to crazed outdoorsman Jack Wheeler for advice and contact information,  and the White House sent young aide Dana Rohrabacker as the eyes and ears of the operation.  They had the meeting in Angola, and called it the Democratic International. The Far right dictator that strikes me the most here is Jonas Savimbi. Savimbi was represented by a young lobbyist named Paul Manafort at the time, and it has been said that the events planning location was in Manafort’s office with Roger Stone and Charlie Black.  Reagan invited him to CPAC in 1986, and even gave a speech talking about the plight of freedom fighters like him and Andrei Sakharov. Paul Weyrich even wrote an article about how great he was in 2002.

Nobody knew it at the time, but Jack joined the National Security Caucus Foundation, and by extension, the American Security Council in 1986. This places him, again, with Dana Rohrabacker and one Edward Lozansky and the Committee for a Free Afghanistan.

In 1988, Abramoff travelled to South Africa and made Red Scorpion, which was fully funded by the Apartheid Regime. It was during this time that he met Rabbi Lapin, who came back to the United States with Abramoff and together they founded “Toward Tradition,” with Michael Medved of the Discovery Institute.

And now, in timeline form…are the connections to Trump Russia.

1983-??? Abramoff is on National Security Caucus Foundation, which is a project of the American Security Council along with the Committee for a Free Afghanistan and Coalition of Peace through Strength.


1986: Abramoff head of Holocaust Memorial Council
1988: American Security Council releases a Petition on behalf of the Coalition for Peace Through Strength to Congress, asking them to terminate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. It’s signed by the Andrei Sakharov Institute and Free University – both Lozansky Outfits.


1991: Rabbi Lapin forms “Toward Tradition”  and makes Abramoff a board member through 2004.  Abramoff met Lapin and his family when he was traveling back and forth to South Africa as part of one his anti-communist ventures.  Lapin introduces Abramoff to Tom Delay.


March 19, 1992: Paul Erickson working for Pat Buchanan


5/10/95: Abramoff lobbying for Pakistan
7/27/95: Abramoff lobbying for Montenegro. He also talks to Rohrabacker  and Paul Behrend about Montenegro July 95
1995: Abramoff lobbies for Zaire dictator at Paul Erickson’s firm.
10/11/95: Abramoff meets with Delay/Rohrabacker about Montenegro


January 1997: Abramoff trip to Korea
Early 1997: Abramoff registers as a lobbyist for Chelsea Commercial


April : Naftasib pays James&Sarch Co $165k

May 6th, 1997: Memo from Ellen S. Levinson at Cadwalater, Wickersham, and Taft states there will be 6 trips to Russia.

May 1997: Ed Buckham goes as part of “Advance team” to Russia per the 5/6/97 memo.


June 1997: Per memo, Ed Buckam, conservative journalists and FP wonks visit Russia.
7/18/97: Alexander Koulakovsky goes to Houston with Buckham for a Delay luncheon
July 1997: Ed Buckham goes again. (Per his words)


7/24/97: NaftaSib sends $250,000 through James and Sarch to US Family Network for Tom Delay
8/5-8/11 1997: Abramoff takes Delay-Buckham and other to Moscow.  Sponsored by National Center for Public Policy Research. Meetings with Viktor Chernomyrdin.  (James P. Lucier, David Lowe, Amy Ridenour, Erica Tuttle, Tod Lindberg,  Julius Kaplan, Bart Adams)




January 1998: Before a visit by Viktor Chernomyrdin, NaftaSib met with Lobbyists including the ASC
May 1998: David Sarch dies.


6/18/98: Russian economy tanks, asks for 10-15 billion in IMF loans


6/25/98: Russians funnel 1 million through US family network to influence delays vote on IMF loan. Naftasib wrote a check to James and Sarch in England who wrote a check to USFN.


8/18: Russia defaults on T-bills
8/23/98: Yeltsin fires Kiryenko


8/30: Delay appears on Meet The Press critiquing IMF Loan bill because it forces Russia to raise taxes


9/17: IMF loans Russia money without tax raising provisions.


11/10/98: Arkady Murashev at Russia house giving a talk about uniting the democrats in Russia behind Kiriyenko


11/29/1998: Jack Abramoff, as part of the National Security Caucus Foundation (American Security Council) brings Sergei Kiriyenko to the US for a week of meetings. Meets with Jesse Helms.


11/30/98: Charlie Rose interviews Kiriyenko.


11/30/98: Kiriyenko meets with Strobe Talbott, who has been accused of being a Russian intelligence asset,  by Jesse Helms…..who Kiriyenko also met with that week.
12/2/98: KIriyenko lunch at Russia House, with Ed Lozansky and representatives from NaftaSib
12/3/98: Kiriyenko meets with business leaders at event hosted by AIG.  Maurice Greenberg was head of AIG from 1962-2005 and currently sits on the board of Directors of the Pro-Russian Center for the National Interest.


12/10/98: Union of Right Forces party forms in Russia. Sergei Kiriyenko was the head.
12/11/98: Strobe Talbott and Larry Summers go to Russia to discuss politics with Yeltsin


12/24/98: Donald Trump talks about running for president


2/4/1999: Curt Weldon inserts pro-NaftaSib comments in the register.


1999-2003: Abramoff is treasurer of the JBS connected Maldon Institute, which is a repackaged Western Goals Foundation, a branch of the John Birch Society.  Maldon is headed by John Rees, one of the leaders of the far right conservative movement people have never heard of. Abramoff resigned when his scandal broke.  Maldon funded by Scaife foundations.

1991: Abramoff registers to lobby for Dutch Company Voor Huisen, which is also a front for Naftasib..


1999: Abramoff sends Rohrabacker and friends to the Marianas.
1999: Mikhail Khimich owned 50% of Naftasib

2000: Delay and Abramoff go to Scotland. Koulakovsky is there.


2000: Lozansky Forum co-sponsored by CNAC and Union of Right Forces: Pointed out that there are very few Democratic contacts.  Bill Lind, Weyrich, Arkady Murashev, Yevgeny Volk are among the people there,


10/15/2001: Abramoff talks about cost of obtaining thermal imaging equipment from Naftasib to provide to Israeli settlers.


November 2001: Abramoff tried to get a bankers letter for Naftasib to drill for oil in Israel


July 2002: American Alliance of Christians and Jews founded by Gary Bauer/Jack Abramoff. Dobson, Falwell, Abramoff, Robertson
3/12/2002: Weyrich praises Savimbi (Abramoff and Manafort lobbied for him)


2/20/2004: Curt Weldon’s daughters lobbying for Itera. And the Karic brothers from Serbia.
2004-2005: Ellen S. Levinson is registered as a NAFTASib Lobbyist
3/1/2004: Voor Huisen dissolves.
3/2/2004: Abramoff resigns from Greenberg Traurig
1/11/06: Abramoff office doubles as office for Farid Chadry’s reform party of Syria.
October 2006: Weldon’s daugters home gets raided because of lobbying disclosure issues.
6/22/06: Senate Report comes out about Abramoff scandal in senate. Russia mentioned nowhere. John Mccain had subpoenaed all the documents about Abramoff and systematically ignored anything related to Russia.
2013: Dana Rohrabacker and Manafort meet about Ukraine.
8/11/14: Erickson has an open meeting with Butina and Torshin
12/8/15: NRA contingent of Erickson, David Keene, Pete Brownell, Joe Gregory, and David Clarke go to Moscow to meet with “Right to Bear Arms” with Maria Butina,  Dmitry Rogozin, Sergey Lavrov, and Alexander Torshin


2015: Dmitry Firtash meets with Abramoff to talk about Ukraine.


Feb 2016: Erickson forms Bridges LLC with Maria Butina (Right to Bear Arms head) based out of his apartment in North Dakota
October 2016: Kiriyenko gets pulled out private sector to work for Putin


11/23/16: Rohrabacker is Putins favorite congressman


2017: Jan 2017: Butina and Erickson go to Inaguaration ball
1/11/17: Erik Prince meets with Russians in Seychelles


2/28/17: Rohrabacker and Abramoff lobbying in the Congo
3/15/17: Rohrabacker article on Putin




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