Trump calls Putin and the world cries.

Today, Donald Trump is scheduled to speak with his Soviet handler.

After one hundred or so days that have shown widespread collusion between important citizens of the United States and a large contingent of Russians, Trump has a scheduled phone call with Putin.

Per Politico,

Leaders from both nations have conceded that U.S.-Russia relations, which Trump had suggested that he might be able to revive, have in fact sunk to low levels not seen since the Cold War. The two nations are at odds over the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, a close ally of Russia whose military the U.S. launched a missile strike against in retaliation for its use of chemical weapons against its own people.

Last month, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made his first visit to Moscow, where he met with both Putin and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. Tillerson held fast to the U.S. position on Syria despite opposition from his Russian hosts, but at a joint press conference with the secretary of state and his Russian counterpart, the two men announced their nations’ mutual interest in improving ties.

The reality is that Donald Trump has close ties with the Russian mafia, hired lobbyists for Russian interests as campaign manager and national security advisor and is linked to the Russian dictator in at least 140 different ways.

It is fair to say that the phone call will happen, the read out of the call will be vague, and Trump will continue to focus on North Korea to avoid more scrutiny for what the Clinton’s referred to as a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

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