Trump Watch 1/9/17

And the lists just keeps going on and on and on.

188: Jared Kushner is trying to calm people down, saying that Trump didn’t believe any of the conspiracies he was peddling.  If true, that makes him a tremendous asshole. If false, that makes him a blithering idiot. Which is correct?

189: Donald Trump Jr wants to make it easier to get silencers, presumably for his secret police force to be more efficient. I’m kidding, relax. It’s not like he he actually has a a Private Security force, or has praised regimes like Iran, Russia, and China that have them.

190 is daring to insult the most talented actress in the world via Tweet

191 is trying to delegitimize the the media for claiming something he can’t prove and Mexico said they wouldn’t pay for

192 is OPENLY LYING about mocking a disabled reporter by saying he never did it. Proof

193 is praising the media outlet he prefers. TrumpTV is coming.

194: Donald Trump dismissed Obama appointees in charge of our nuclear arsenal.

195: Jared Kushner will be a White House  Senior Advisor

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