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Until I am able to update this website into something worthwhile, or I get put in the Trump labor camps for owning it, the layout is going to be less than desirable.

Without further ado, The list of scary shit happening under President Trump!


1. Rumored Cabinet picks are Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, John Bolton, Exxon CEO, Former Goldman Sachs President, Sam Brownback.
2. Donald Trump literally offered a cabinet position to Jerry Falwell Jr. He turned it down.
3.  Kris Kobach, probably Homeland Security Cabinet Secretary, wants to create a Muslim Registry, surrogates using Japanese Internment camps as precedent, and use the Patriot Act to build a wall.
4. Jeff Sessions as Secretary of State means no more pot, criminal justice reform, sanctuary cities are fucked,race issues are fucked, and lots of illegals being deported
5. Trump considering Ben Carson for HUD Secretary despite Ben Carson saying he was too inexperienced for Government.
6. Betsy Devos is sec of education, painting the way for charter school funding everywhere. Her brother founded blackwater, her parents funded gay conversion therapy and her husband is responsible for amway. She has had a hand in destroying MI education and funneling money to religious schools.
7. His Treasury Secretary is the President of Goldman Sachs, wants to destroy Dodd-Frank
8. Tom Price is his Sec-HHS; This is a guy who believes you should be able to fire people for taking birth control and having an abortion. He’s going to dismantle the ACA and Medicare.
9. Wilbur Ross and Todd Rickets – billionaires worth billions of dollars each with no government experience are going to head the Commerce Dept.

White House Staff and other Appointments
1. Steve Bannon, Alt Right and KKK endorsed hero CEO owner of Breitbart is the new Chief Strategist. 2. National security advisor is Michael Flynn, an anti Muslim conspiracy theorist who lobbies for Turkey and works for the Russians.
3. Deputy NSA is a Fox News Analyst who disowned her brother for being gay and lied on her resume
4. Mike Pompeo as CIA director means more torture and drone warfare and torture black sites.
5. Tom Delays lawyer is his White House counsel.
6. Seema Verma is his pick for Director of Center for Medicare and Medicaid. This is all you need to know “She was the architect of the Healthy Indiana Plan. The program, designed for people with low income, requires participants to pay into a health savings account and has high deductibles.”you have to make your contribution every month, with a 60-day grace period. If you don’t make the contribution, you’re out of the program for 12 months. It’s a strong personal responsibility mechanism.” The plan also removed preventive care because people could not afford it.
7: Establishing a policy forum of business leaders because Lobbying isn’t direct enough…

1. Clinton winning popular vote by 2.6 million and growing
2. Alt Right doing nazi salutes to Trump in big gatherings
Transition Team
1.He added conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney to his transition team
2.The guy in charge of his transition for the EPA doesn’t believe in climate change or the EPA
3. Trump names Net Neutrality opponents to FCC transition team
4. Trump adding Cuba Embargo fans to his transition team
Trump Insanity
1. Trump wants his kids to have top secret clearance
2. Trump had an unprecedented shake up in his transition team to get rid of Christie loyalists
3. Trump angry tweeting about Broadplay on 11/15
4. He called Alex Jones and various world dictators before the transition teams at State, Justice, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security.
5. Trump has been talking to world leaders on unsecured lines because of course he has.
5b: He is also not working with the State Department on advice on what to say
6.  Lying about saving a plant closing that was never scheduled.
7. Trump wants to break nepotism laws and have his son in law work in his admin.
8: Ivanka sat in on meetings with Foreign leaders, posing them off
9: Trump settled on his trump university case, basically admitting guilt. A con man was elected.
10. Trump angry tweeting at Alec Baldwin
11. Trump angry tweeting at CNN and NYT
12. First lady staying in NY, costing the city 1 million dollars a day in order to keep son in school. Traffic nightmare
13. Trump is turning away his intelligence briefings
14. Trump has off record meeting with media giants, berates them.
15. Trump meets with NYT, enrages supporters by taking prosecuting Clinton off the table.
16: his aides are embarrassing him with all the nonsense about Romney
Congressional Craziness
. Paul Ryan Is planning to phase out medicare next year
2. Congress passes law to make it easier to hack peoples phones.
3. Congress passes law to make it harder to criticize Israel legally
4. House Science Committee starts tweeting anti-Science Breitbart articles
Conflicts of Interest and Borderline Criminal Acts
1: Trump pressuring foreign leaders to stay in his hotels
2: Trump still meeting foreign business partners despite being elected president
3: lawyers think he’s going to violate the constitution with his business practices on his first day on office28: First lady staying in NY, costing the city 1 million dollars a day in order to keep son in school. Traffic nightmare
4.  Trump Foundation admits to self dealing
5.  Trump claims the President can’t have conflicts of Interest so businesses are off table.
6.  Trump campaigned violated FEC election laws.
7.  Trumps Washington Hotel lease says no one involved can be a member of government
8. Trump profited off deal to keep carrier in the US

Trump Policies
1. Trump will ban entry from any country he deems necessary
2. Trumps plan to kill DACA could cost us 450 billion in economic growth
3. Trump is going to defund NASA climate research and put it towards space research instead
4: Wants to make flag burning illegal and take away citizenship from those who do it.
5. Calling Taiwan, at the risk of pissing off China. Upended decades of diplomacy
6. His call with Pakistan enraged India due to him talking about solving their problems.
7. Trump reversed US policy on the Philippines and invited foreign dictator who kills druggies to come visit.
8. Trump is going to spend his first day signing executive orders to undo Obamas presidency.

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