TrumpTV is coming

Donald Trump is making a slow march towards dictatorship. I am not saying that he will be Hitler, but he’s clearly making moves to expand his power.  If you look at his past, you see that he has made many comments praising people like Putin, the Chinese leadership, Saddam Hussein, and various other third world dictators. He has tweeted quotes from Mussolini and obviously favors a “strong man” approach to leadership. Hence, my concern for the following;

This story came out In December that Trumps son in law has secured a deal with Sinclair broadcast group to have “good” coverage of Comrade Trump. They will air interviews without commentary.  I had never heard of them before, but they have coverage in 30% of the country.  This company is one to pay attention to during the regimes reign of power. They’ve been known to be critical of the left, airing the swift boat ads in 2004, ads claiming Obama received funding from Hamas in 2008, and Benghazi documentaries in 2012.

6 days before the election, the CEO of Sinclair, David Smith stepped down so that he can focus on expanding their news division. This is effective January 1st.  Here’s a Rolling stone article from 2005 covering David Smith and his connections to the Republican party.

Government regulations now state that a single television owner cannot own stations reaching more than 39% of the viewing audience. David Smith expects that to change under a Trump presidency. In 2013, they owned more TV stations than anyone else in the country.  David Brock wrote a letter to them showing concern in 2005.

Now, it has been reported that Sinclair is buying Tribune Media, making the biggest owner of television stations even bigger.
Craig Aaron, the head of Free Press, an anti-consolidation nonprofit, said his group has objections to the deal.

“It’s a scandal,” Aaron said. “Trump-favoring mega-chain gets rules changed — and expects others to be erased — so it can put its cookie-cutter newscasts in nearly 70 percent of local markets across the country.”

Aaron added: “I feel terrible for the local journalists who will be forced to set aside their news judgment to air Trump administration talking points and reactionary commentaries from headquarters. This deal would have been DOA in any other admin, but the Trump FCC isn’t just approving it; they’re practically arranging it.”

Sinclair owns 173 stations, and Tribune owns ~50 including WGN. This deal would put them in almost every major market.  According to the New York Times, they will have reach into the entire lower 48. It has also been pointed out that Boris Epshtyn recently got a job there.

What nobody is talking about in regards to this, is that Trump counts currently unemployed Roger Ailes, NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy, and Right Side Broadcasting head as friends of his.

The media is looking in the wrong place. They don’t need to develop a new alternative to Fox News. All they need to do is sign an agreement to allow Right Side Broadcasting, NewsMax TV, or One America News to take over WGN and you’ve got an immediate success. Put Bill O’Reilly as the face of it, and Fox is done for.

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