Why is Dennis Kucinich involved in this Russia scandal?

I never expected to see Dennis Kucinich when I found the Ron Paul institute, but there he was on the advisory board. While I was writing about the connections between the Ron Paul Institute and Russia, I came across a name I wasn’t expecting.

I had seen his name a few times in other research but nothing clearly put the pieces together as this did. Many of you will remember Kucinich as the sole voice talking about impeachment during the Bush years, so to see such an outspoken liberal on the board of a primarily far right libertarian think tank was a surprise.

After that, casting a widespread net that included various other people on the “left,” wasn’t hard. A timeline is the only way to do this story justice.

2003: David Swanson leaves ACORN to work for Kucinich’s presidential campaign.

May 2007:  Kucinich attends Annual Ed Lozansky World Russia Forum with Pro-Putin journalist Stephen Cohen, Weyrich tied House Representative Ralph Hall, and various other integral parts of the GOP-Russia scandal like Arkady Murashev, Thomas Graham, The FSB connected head of RT Margarita Simonyan, and representatives from most of the major think tanks.

September 2007: Kucinich goes to Syria to meet with Assad and discuss Iraq.
2008: Communist party supports Kucinich in his presidential bid. Kucinich goes on Russia Today to blast US Foreign policy

September 2009: Kucinich forms the Congressional Russia Caucus with CURRENT SECRETARY of Health and Human Services Tom Price.  Price also attended the 2011 World Russia Forum Ariel Cohen was quick to dust off a Heritage Foundation proposal on fixing relations with Russia once that happened. This caucus fell apart quickly because a new was started in 2011 with CNP member Dan Burton

October 2009: Kucinich quotes Craig Murray article about the war in Iraq.

April 2010: Kucinich attends Lozansky forum again, putting him in a room with Spymaster Ambassador Kislyak, friend of Rex Tillerson and Richard Burt Ed Verona, Putin’s favorite Congressman Dana Rohrabacker,  Russian Mobster and NRA member Alexander Torshin, Thomas Graham again, Heritage Foundation member Ariel Cohen, and Ed Lozansky.

2010: Ex-CIA Agent and 2014/2015 Lozansky forum attendee Ray McGovern starts funding David Swanson’s websites and blogging for warisacrime.org

September 2010: Why are Ed Lozansky, Daniel McAdams, and Dennis Kucinich all listed as representatives for the Governments of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

December 2010: Kevin Zeese who runs popularresistance, registers wikileaksisdemocracy.org. Popular Resistance lists David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan as contributors.  

2011: Syrian Civil war starts

June 2011: Kucinich goes to Syria and meets with Assad, going on to praise him.

January 2013: Jill Stein’s 2012 campaign manager, Ben Manski, registers Green Shadow cabinet.com. Manski is also on the contributor list of “popular resistance” as the shadow Chief of Staff, as are another half dozen “shadow” staff members. .

April 2013: Kucinich joins the Ron Paul institute Board.

September 2013: Kucinich joins Fox News as a contributor.

November 12, 2014: Ray McGovern, Ed Lozansky, and Russian spy talk about the Cold War on RT.

April 2015: David Swanson registers hillaryisaneocon.com

March 2016: Swanson moves Hillary site to godaddy on the same day that he meets with Jill Stein, and a day before he registers impeachdonaldtrumpnow.com

May 2015: Ray Mcgovern speaks at a Lozansky event about Ukraine

Mid 2015: David Swanson blogs about the Russian Military trying to get them to publish propaganda. Around this time, he also starts writing for Russia-Insider.com which also happens to have Ed Lozansky on staff.

December 10th, 2015: Infamous conference that Michael Flynn sat next to Putin at.  2012/16 Green Party nominee Jill Stein, RT director Margarita Simonyan, and Ray McGovern were also sitting at the same table.

September 26th, 2016: Craig Murray speaks in DC, receives Hillary emails from whistleblower and gives them to Wikileaks.

October 2016: Roger Stone and Craig Murray are apparently friends.

November 2016: Tulsi Gabbard meets with Trump to discuss the “Stop Arming Terrorists” act she proposed in Congress, which was cosponsored by fellow Russia apologist Rand Paul.

January 2017: Kucinich and Tulsi Gabbard go to Syria to meet with Assad and come back with praise again. The trip was organized by Bassam Khawar, part of the former Syrian ambassador to China’s Pro-Assad network.

1/4/17: Ray McGovern goes on RT to talk about US-Russia relations with Jim Jatras and Phillip Giraldi, both of whom are connected to various aspects of the Trump Russia scandal.

1/20/17: Kucinich praises Trump’s dark inauguration speech.

4/10/17: CNP connected Christian Solidarity International and Darren Spinck of Lozansky world are the lobbyists for the innocuous sounding Stop Arming Terrorists act.


One of my concerns through this whole debacle is that it was bigger than just Trump-Russia. It appears that there is a vast network of Americans, Europeans, and Russians collaborating with Putin through Ed Lozansky and his network. The goal appears to be the destabilization of Eastern Europe and destruction of the European to give Putin the opening he needs to start picking off former Soviet satellite states.

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